Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So busy, but in the best way.

I realized today that I haven't updated in while. It didn't seem so long with everything going on. Societies started up. I'm currently in show choir which is just amazing. We are performing almost all broadway numbers and it makes me wish we had that club at Stony Brook. Societies here also have weekly socials. Last week we went to Pav Tav (the pavilion tavern) then to nine room karaoke one of many karaoke bars here that have student nights where a private room is free for a couple hours. Tomorrow we are going to one of the many clubs along the beach front called Collation where the Sussex big band is playing. Classes have been pretty good. They don't really take midterms or finals here we just have our final essays due the second week in December so, so far the work load has been light which is good for enjoying England.

Brighton is just amazing. Oct. 30th for halloween the city held a Zombie parade and then there was a Zombie flash mob that a couple friends and I participated in. The at night they had this event called white night. White night is a celebration of the clocks turning back (a week earlier then in America) which involves art exhibitions, interactive shows, shopping, movies, and clubs that all go til 7am. It seemed like the whole city was out and in fancy dress (the British term for in costume). I feel like I have finally fully adjusted to their terms, money, and odd food and know that I'm going to miss it when I back in America.

I can't believe I only have a little over a month left. Friday the 5th is the British holiday Guy Fawkes night and the biggest place to celebrate is in Lewis for bonfire night, which happens to be a 5 min train ride away. Since it's a very local event and involves a great deal of fire our guides from the September program offered to take us to make sure we don't get loss. Then Nov 20-21 a friend and I are traveling to Dublin and the next weekend to Edinburgh. I'm excited for this month and looking forward to seeing my friends at home, but I could defiantly stay longer if I had the time.

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