Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn term is finally here!

Actual classes started last week but it hasn't really made a difference in what we do. The most classes any one is taking here is four classes including me. The difference between Uni. Sussex and SBU being that for 4 classes I only have class 7 hours a week. When I saw my timetable I thought maybe they had left off a class but nope. They just encourage more outside of class activity. Also none of my classes have tests for the semester just a final paper or composition for one of my music classes. Class are smaller here and they encourage discussion and input. In most of my classes is seems like they don't believe in wrong answers they just truly want to hear your input. For the American Pluralism DEC I'm taking a class called America Inside and Out and it been very funny to hear some things people around the world believe we do in America. The number one example is that people believe we say the pledge of allegiance all of the time, like every American wakes up and says it. Being here has also taught me how luck we are in America with our upper education system. A much smaller percentage of students go to University after the graduate college(what we call high school).
This Saturday I'm hopefully going to see a musical in London's West End and maybe even making it to Abby Road and the London Beatles Museum. I'm excited to travel more and I'm hopefully going to Paris and Dublin in November. This is a one time chance and my biggest fear is that I'll waste it.

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